Week 2 – 23/11/13

Unit 1d – Learn about artists and arts organisation through participation

Once again! my Saturdays has been fully packed with creative ideas, team work and film-making tips!

This week we were split up into are three teams. we all had to come up with a pitch for are short films. the whole team participated and gave some really amazing ideas. Us being us..  decided we should go down the root of comedy as we wanted to do something different from thriller/dark dramas. The idea we finally agreed on was based on the story of the traditional Chinese Zodiac. For the short film are team decided to put a modern take on the Chinese Zodiac Story.

Here is a link: http://youtube/Ty0fgAFe-h0

A handsome Chinese man (The Jade Empire) inviting 13 girls to his invite only party. with just 12 places left, all the girls think of conning ways to get there invites in a comedic way. All of the girls resembling there animals for example the ‘Pig’.

In the end the story became to complicated for the amount of time we had so we decided to go for a dark-drama created by Curtis Rainey.

Three young film-makers, The painfully bossy director, the scriptwriter and the cameraman are out scooting for a location in a forest for there next short film. the Director is so engulfed in his own power over what he wants in his film. he ends up wondering off from the others and finds myself alone in the woods. he finds a part of the script and it states what he is doing in that moment of time …

that was just a taster of the Pitch. The moral of this story is Karma as we thought this would be a good inspiration to go by.

On Saturday the BFI team also got a visit from Terry Loane the Director of Mickeybo and Me. since I’m very interested in the directing side of the film industry. I personality benefited from this workshop. I felt that he gave good tips on how and what to do in the film industry.

Another thing we learned was how to use Celtx and write a beat sheet. The Best thing about this week was hearing the other teams Pitch and giving them feedback on there shorts and Vic-versa.


terry loane


After the second week workshops we all went to the opening night at the Odyssey Cinema to watch ‘Stand by me’.

Unit – 1C Review Arts Event – Opening Night – Stand by Me

???????????????Stand by me (1986)

I find it hard to comment on this film without repeating what has already been said by the whole nation! Stand by me is a friendship inspiring film with a simple yet so effective story line based on a Stephen King short story “The Body” This film takes you on an emotional Journey through the foursomes young friendship showing the reliable actions kids used to do in this time such as camping trips and being rebellious rebels.

for anyone who hasn’t seen this incredible film please find the time and watch it! trust me its worth the commitment! I rate this film a strong 8/10 for its story-line and amazing actors! the choose of actors contrasted very well with each other, making it gripping especially when Chris Chambers opens his trip.  I would like to see an updated version of the film but I feel this would make it lose its original mojo. People go watch stand by me your missing out!

Natasha Mudi



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